On Swallowtail Yoga Teacher Training:

I highly recommend Swallowtail Yoga’s teacher training to anyone who wants to begin to deeply understand the vastness of this practice that we call yoga. From the very beginning of my training I was able to see my yoga students through new eyes, to be confident in my language in yoga classes and feel ready to help my students explore their potential on their mats and in their lives. This training is about connecting to the center of our selves, finding life in our yoga and yoga in our lives.
Owner, Green Tea Yoga Studio, Salem, Mass.

Swallowtail group

Elaine Wintman is an excellent teacher and we are lucky to have her here on the North Shore. Her own practice is inspiring and beautiful to watch; she has years of diverse experience of yoga and its practices and philosophies. She has deep knowledge of anatomy and how a body moves; and she gives you choice and creates a safe place to explore. Elaine is encouraging, patient and humorous. Best of all, Elaine has taught me how to appreciate myself and to trust my own experiences. She has only wanted from me my way of teaching, my discoveries, my explanations, my empowerment. Elaine is a guide and will teach you how to be the teacher you are meant to be.
Swallowtail Teacher Training was the best decision I have made for myself — and for my practice. Elaine’s teacher training has changed my personal practice — forever; it truly has been transformational. Swallowtail Teacher Training is about teaching yoga to others — and learning everything you thought you already knew about yoga.
It’s not about form, but about the internal desire to move.
I did not have an awareness of myself as such an amazing creature — a body full of organs, bones, bandhas. This is an inside-out yoga. It is a yoga that is found through experiencing your own physical and energetic supports and recognizing those supports in others.
Elaine is a yoga teacher of yoga teachers.