Embodiment/Body-Mind Centering(R)

skeletonBody-Mind Centering® invites us to learn the language of the body from the inside out. Direct experience of our own bodies — embodiment — is a practice.

Yoga is not about what we can do, but about the attention and consciousness we bring to what we do. When the practice of yoga is embodied, our yoga experience is subtle and deep and full. Rather than being dictated by our ability to complete an external form, our practice is shaped by the fullness of our cellular involvement — a sense of being home, conscious, and at home in our bodies.

Initiating and executing yoga asanas with embodied support brings ease as well as energy. The classical yogic maps of the subtle and energetic bodies, including the chakra system, are accessed as well as the physical maps including the endocrine, fluid, organ, muscle, skeletal and nervous systems.

Since 2000, Elaine’s yoga practice and her teaching have been profoundly influenced by her studies with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (a dancer and occupational therapist who developed Body-Mind Centering®) and other senior BMCSM teachers. Body-Mind Centering is an experiential study based on the embodiment and application of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical and developmental principles.

Private Sessions in Body-Mind Centering are available. These sessions may address injury, physical challenges, areas of interest and/or particular postures. Contact Elaine.

I love the BMCSM work, and I can’t believe I’d been doing yoga for so long
without the critical knowledge and support that BMC provides.
REG EDMONDS, Owner, Bliss Yoga Studio

Do something for your body-mind this year.

Body-Mind Centering class

I will support
the wisdom of your body
and its deep capacity to heal, to rest
and to repattern.

Bodywork offers you
more comfort, more ease
deep relaxation
Pause. Relax. Renew.

BODYWORK SESSIONS can address and relieve the impact of injury, trauma and challenges including stress, tension, neck and back discomfort, scars and post-surgical trauma, physical injuries (recent or chronic), headaches, migraines, autoimmune health, hormonal imbalance, depression, anxiety. Sessions also can enhance general well-being.

BMC focuses on the systems of the body: organs, muscles, bones, fluids, etc. and developmental movement. It is primarily light and gentle touch. Sessions may include movement explorations, awareness of internal movement, embodiment of internal structures and processes, looking at anatomical models or at pictures in anatomy books.

CST focuses on the craniosacral fluid rhythm, the bones of the skull and spine, and related fascia. Craniosacral fluid is the fluid of the nervous system. Sessions include listening to the rhythm, inviting the rhythm to a still point, and supporting your body to reorganize.

Private sessions in Body-Mind Centering® and/or CranioSacral Therapy are held in Salem. They are about fifty minutes long. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.

Why Somatic Bodywork? Your body is given a new choice. It takes that choice; something shifts.

A HUNDRED WAYS: Creative Approaches to Living in a Body is an approach to movement repatterning and awareness that offers many possibilities for exploration, healing and ease. There is no one way; there are 100 ways. I bring deep listening skills to support the wisdom of your body to make a new choice.