About Elaine

Elaine WintmanElaine is a longtime yoga practitioner, a registered yoga teacher at the 500-hour level. She has been teaching yoga since 1993.

Elaine first came to yoga in the mid-1970s; Iyengar training is her foundation. Strongly influenced by the Astanga practice and her ongoing studies of Body-Mind Centering®, she uses experiential anatomy to encourage students to move from within.

Elaine emphasizes breath, humor, alignment and mindfulness. She helps people create a personal practice that works for them as well as the commitment to practice.

Elaine has been studying Body-Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and other senior teachers since 2000. Elaine has been assisting Bonnie and Lisas Clark in the BMC and Yoga Program in Amherst and NYC, at the Omega Yoga Conference, and at Kripalu Center for Yoga.


Body-Mind Centering with Elaine Wintman

Elaine is a certified Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist from the School for Body-Mind Centering. She is a graduate of the four-year BMC Practitioner Program.

Elaine helps people develop an intimate and compassionate relationship with your body as well as a commitment to work in respectful partnership with your body-mind.

Elaine with student

She has found hope and help in facing her own physical and life challenges through Body-Mind Centering and yoga, and she is grateful to be able to share these approaches with others.

She believes that life is a creative process. Elaine is a nationally published, award-winning writer, and for much of her life, a visual artist and art teacher. She holds a BA in Creative Writing from Tufts University and an MFA in sculpture & printmaking from Otis Art Institute, LA.

Elaine also is a long-time teacher: she has taught budget writing to artists for the City of Los Angeles as well as visual art to students from 3 to 93 (including five years with adolescents in the public schools). She has a way of making complex ideas, including anatomy, under­standable and fun. She loves practicing and teaching yoga in equal measure. Both are creative processes.